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"78% of Internet usage consists of people researching products and services, so search engines are an obvious way to reach potential customers."
"Marketing via search engines is becoming a major force on the Internet. The growing interest in such marketing comes as Internet users become increasingly reliant on search engines to navigate the Web."

Search Engine Optimization - SEO

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process implemented to increase a sites visibility. It involves identifying what keywords and phrases visitors will use to find your website and placing them in strategic places in the appropriate densities throughout your website. Key words and phrases are the key ingredients that search engines consume.

How can SEO Help Me?

It is critical for any company to take into consideration how well its website will rank in the most important search engines and directories. There are many steps that a company must take in order to maximize a website's success in search engines and directories. Many companies underestimate the importance of search engines and fail to understand how to leverage the viral nature and global reach of the internet.

FACT: As of January, 2006, US Consumers were 54% more likely to search the Internet than pick up a phone book to find the products or services they wanted.

Search engines have a large audience:

* FACT: There are 4.9 billion Internet searches per month.
* FACT: There are 133 million unique searchers.
* FACT: There are 37.4 searches per searcher each month.

Search engines have a loyal audience:

* FACT: 99% of Internet users utilize search engines.
* FACT: 56% of Internet users search at least once a day.
* FACT: 21% of Internet users search four or more times a day.

Source: comScore qSearch data Jan. 2005; total U.S. Internet users

Whether you use your website to establish brand identity, collect leads, foster sales or sell online, the internet and more specifically your website is an important marketing and sales resource. Relevant keywords and phrases will bring targeted "pre-qualified" traffic to your website. Leveraging it thru SEO will yield ongoing dividends and set you above your competition.

Our Approach to SEO.

We use a targeted research technique to identify top level terms for your market. Our research compares the competitiveness of each term, yielding those terms with the best chance for a successful outcome. After the key terms are identified, they must be embedded into the site content and meta tags.

Once the changes have been made to your site, it is now ready for submission. We will manually submit your site to the top search engines and directories including Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, AltaVista, HotBot, Lycos, FAST (Alltheweb), About, Netscape, Teoma, Ask. Directories include Yahoo, Looksmart, DMOZ, While search engine algorithms may different they are all looking for and ranking based on quality content and quality inbound links.