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"78% of Internet usage consists of people researching products and services, so search engines are an obvious way to reach potential customers."
"Marketing via search engines is becoming a major force on the Internet. The growing interest in such marketing comes as Internet users become increasingly reliant on search engines to navigate the Web."

Website Design Services

Why do I need a website?

We believe that a website is much more then an online brochure. It presents an opportunity to build relationships, win customers, drive sales, grow revenue and ultimately increase profits. We view a website as both an advertising media and sales channel. Additionally, when professional implemented, it can boost your company’s overall branding and marketing strategies.

Technology will evolve and improve, but the focus should always remain on building rewarding relationships with customer’s one person at a time. As stated in a 2004 issue of The Economist, “A commercial enterprise that neglects its website may be committing commercial suicide. A website is increasingly becoming the gateway to a company’s brand, products and services—EVEN if the firm does not sell online.”

We believe that every website should be goal-oriented and developed with a strategy in mind to accomplish its goal. Frequently, your firm's website goals may have one or more of the following objectives:

E-commerce (online sale of widgets)
Subscription (Wall St. Journal online, etc.)
Self-service (customer service efficiency, i.e. online banking)
Lead generation (drive sales and increase inquiries)

Studies show that, although the look of a site is important to a site’s credibility, viewers’ actually look at words first and images second. That’s why it is so important to work with professionals who can help your company implement online branding with words and content that are accurate, clearly and professionally written and will grab your viewers' attention.

Our design approach and philosophy ensures that your website:

 provides relevant, trust, security, privacy, value and confidence for your customer
 recognizes that a visitor is there voluntarily, and that site activity should be based on participation not coercion
 presents a clear description of your business products and services
 anticipates questions visitors may have and addresses their fears and concerns
 establishes credibility

By combining the target-and-capture strategies of online advertising and search engine optimization with solid website development, we can create a truly effective website with a value that far exceeds the investment of your marketing dollars.

While every business is unique, we have found that not every business needs a totally custom website. Therefore a customized template solution may be more appropriate especially if there are time and budget constraints.

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